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Hi Thom
Thanks for your comments and for confirming that people can change their perspective from pessimistic to optimistic.

Thom Quinn


Great article. I agree on your point about this being an explanatory style. I also believe, in part, this style can be learned. Optimism is as much a philosophy as it is a choice. Although few pessimists make the transition, I've met a several people in my life who have moved from one worldview to the other. Blessed are the Optimists as they see the blessings!

Thom Quinn


Thanks to Phil Gerbyshak's link on his blog I was able to read your excellent post on being an Optimist. As someone who's always trying to look at the world from a "Glass Half-Full", I can really relate to the emotional aspect of this, as well as the correlation to risk taking. I compare it to the "fear vs. courage" analogy I often make - do I have the courage to believe that I really can be "in control", even after minor setbacks (and thus take chances), or am I paralyzed by the fear of failure and longer-term negative consequences. Thanks for putting this in a unique perspective.

Phil Gerbyshak

Great article Lucy. I think being an Optimist can help us in so many different aspects of our life. Thanks for the instructions and the reminder that we need to control our emotions or let them control us.

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