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Lucy MacDonald is a Canadian Certified Counsellor with a Master of Education – Counselling Psychology degree from McGill University. Lucy returned to university at the age of 39 to complete both her B.A. and her Masters.

Lucy is a member of the Canadian Counselling Association (CCA) and is President of the Private Practitioner Chapter of CCA.

Lucy is the recipient of the 2005 Counsellor Practitioner Award by Canadian Counselling Association for “excellence in leadership as a practicing counsellor” and her involvement “both within and outside the work community to promote counselling”.

Lucy is the author of the internationally acclaimed book “Learn to be an Optimist” and her second book, “Learn to Manage Your Time” will be published in January 2006. She also publishes a monthly newsletter called Positive Perspectives and has a readership in 54 countries throughout the world.

Lucy is the creator and presenter of "How to Start and Market a Successful Private Practice: A guide for the health care entrepreneur". She presents at health care conferences across the country on practice building.

Lucy coaches private practitioners in the business of successful private practice.