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i am very busy throughout my week as well as on weekends .Can you please tell me some tips regarding time management


I have enjoyed reading your article about 'Self-Management: Building Your Day Based on Priorities'. It is very important to prioritize your tasks. I work as a women's lifestyle fitness coach and I have found that setting goals along with prioritizing tasks are very effective as well as practical because it provides concrete evidence of progress.

You have a great blog!

All the best.
Alicia Howard
Deja-Fit Lifestyle Fitness Coaching for Women

Liara Covert

This Globe and Mail article is informative yet, limited in its description of rationale for time management. I applaud the writer for discussing a subject that has a great deal of meaning for people. I find that personalizing an issue with life stories becomes far more engaging to readers who then themselves often relate easier. As such, they're more likely to take issues to heart and apply them in useful ways to their own lives. Thanks for this posting!

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